September 14, 2010

Scary Pairs

Some food words are just too mismatched to live together peacefully in one sentence.  For example, I personally believe that 'tasty' and 'liver' should never appear together,  unless perhaps you are writing satire. Still perusing the 1949 Culinary Arts Institute book, 500 Tasty Snacks, Ideas for Entertaining, I've noticed a few recipe names that sound like the word in column A was not correctly matched with the word in column B.  Here are a few recipe names that I definitely wouldn't describe as two great tastes that go great together:

Name:                      What comes to mind:

Chicken Shortcake   Hot chicken slathered in cold whipped cream on a
                                          sponge cake

Balls on Picks           Eeeew!Sounds like something they'd do in Gladiator

Shrimp Wriggle         It needs more cooking if it's still moving

Tongue Mousse        What magic can turn a slab of cow tongue into an airy

Jellied Tuna               Bill Cosby peering with alarm at the contents of his
                                           bowl. Waatch it jiggle....

Hunter Salad             Hunting season not too successful, eh?

Sardine Rarebit         The poor man's Surf and Turf

Chicken Sweetbread Salad   I thought chickens had pea-sized brains? They must be small servings.

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