September 20, 2010

Looks Like a Strawberry, But Tastes Like...Liver?

My personal abhorance of liver first drew my eye to this recipe as a potential frightening food feature, but reading through the instructions really sold me.  You might wonder what use you would have for food coloring when making tasty Liver Sausage Hors D'Oeuvres.  Prepare to tantalize the tastebuds of your guests with liver adorably disguised as strawberries and kumquats!


3/4 c. liver sausage
1 tsp. minced pickle
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. mayonnaise
Food coloring
1 c. very fine bread crumbs

Mix together first four ingredients.  Color half the crumbs red, and half orange.  Roll part of the sausage mixture into the shape of strawberries and roll in the red crumbs; place a small piece of parsley in the top for the stem.  Shape remaining mixture into "kumquats" and roll in orange crumbs.  Makes 8 "strawberries" and 8 small "kumquats".

Another recipe from 500 Tasty Snacks; Ideas for Entertaining, Culinary Arts Institute, 1949.

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