September 24, 2010

Frightening Food Photo Fridays

Vintage cookbooks present such a wealth of scary pictures. The color photos are usually frightening because all the food seems to have a fluorescent glow. The dishes look like the result of a nefarious plot by a rogue USDA lab to test the effects of radiation on unsuspecting American families.  The black-and-white ones seem to show food that is just plain ugly.  So, to share the wealth, I've decided to make Friday 'frightening photo day'. Just to keep it interesting, I'm not going to label the pictures - take your best guess, and check in on Monday to see if you were right. Although your first challenge isn't black-and-white, it definitely falls into the 'plain ugly' category: 

Yummy, yummy, what have we here? I'll tell you on Monday!

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