March 16, 2011

PB & What?

For our last in the series from The Lunchbox Cookbook, I'll be sharing some options for making a peanut butter sandwich "special."  My kids think I am weird because I was happy to find a peanut butter & pickle sandwich in my school lunchbox.  Other people I know have enjoyed peanut butter & potato chip sandwiches or the more typical peanut butter & banana sandwiches.  But as usual, these choices pale beside the inventive combinations devised by those creative cooks at the Culinary Arts Institute.  Here are a few of their suggested combos for topping your basic white bread:

Hearty PB Filling - 1/2 cup PB, 1/3 c. deviled ham, 1/4 cup  finely chopped green pepper, 2 TBS. salad dressing, 1 tsp. minced onion. Deviled ham mixed with PB - a combination made in hell!

Special Peanut Butter Mix - 1/2 cup PB, 1/4 cup  finely grated carrot, 2 TBS. chopped raisins, 2 TBS. salad dressing. PB sandwich = good. Carrot-raisin salad = good.  PB & carrot-raisin salad sandwich = bad!

Royal Olive Filling - 3/4 cup PB, 1/3 cup pitted, chopped olives, 3 slices crisp bacon, crumbled fine, 3 TBS. cream.  Brought to you by the same royal chef who came up with the 4 and 20 blackbird pie.

No, I have no idea why.  I wonder if that's true for PB&deviled ham?

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