October 8, 2010

Taking a Turn..ip for the Worse

Indiana has three entries in The Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places. Sour Cream Raisin Pie - well, anything sweet gets a bye from me.  Sweet-Sour Cucumbers - a bit of an odd item for a signature dish at a famous restaurant, yet interesting.  But Turnip Soup?  That's the best dish of the house? Certainly they have a secret blend of herbs and spices that makes this Turnip Soup special, you say?  Sorry! Salt is riding solo in this dish, but for a sprinkle of parsley on top to perk up the presentation. 

Can you imagine how bland the rest of the Nashville House menu must have been? Thankfully, they've perked things up since then, and feature a "country" menu in the rebuilt restaurant (the original burned in the '40's).  The description of the restaurant in the Ford recipe book sounds like this could have been the model for the Cracker Barrel chain, with it's country store entry (or, gift shop from hell, as some in my household prefer to call it).  Nashville House is now one of four dining choices at the Brown County Inn, an apparently attractive and reasonably priced resort.  http://www.browncountyinn.com/content/nashville-house-restaurant

"A giant [!] bowl makes a hearty lunch". Perhaps for patients restricted to a bland diet.  Poor things.

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